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Summer Camps in France For International Students

If you’re aged between 12 and 17 and are interested in spending your summer in France and improving on your French skills, you may be interested in learning about some of the top summer camps in France. All of which accept foreign applicants, through our study abroad programs.

French summer camps on offer:


1. Tennis Summer Camp in France

Tennis Summer Camp in France
If you’re a keen tennis player, why not spend your summer improving your game by attending a intensive 1-2 week long tennis camp in Vichy, a picturesque town which is located in central France. Not only will you get the opportunity to utilize world class sporting facilities which are used by French national teams but you’ll also get to make French friends as 90% of participants are French.

As well as making French friends you’ll also get to make friends from around the world as each year students from multiple countries sign up for our tennis summer camp.

2. Tennis and French Summer Camp

Tennis and French Summer Camp in France
The difference between this program and the latter is that you’ll also have the opportunity to complete 15 hours of French lessons per week. So if you’re just as interested in improving your French skills as you’re interested in improving your tennis skills, you may want to seriously consider signing up for our tennis and French summer camp. French classes are held at the local Alliance Francaise, with class sizes consisting of 8-12 students.

3. Soccer Summer Camp in France

Soccer Summer Camp in FranceWe also offer a soccer summer camp in Vichy, where you’ll have the opportunity to spend 4-5 hours per day working on your soccer skills. You’ll have the opportunity to try out different positions and compete in individual competitions and team tournaments. Better yet, all of the coaching staff you’ll come across are highly regarded and boast years worth of coaching experience.

As with all of our summer camp programs, you’ll need to have one year of French classes under your belt, in order to apply to spend your summer at a French summer camp. As you’ll be expected to speak in French 24 hours a day. Don’t be put off though as there’s no faster way to improve your French skills than by speaking French all day, every day!

4. Soccer and French Summer Camp

Soccer and French summer camp in FranceThis summer camp offers exactly the same itinerary as our soccer summer camp, with the addition of 15 hours of French lessons per week. Should you select this particular program you’ll spend three hours each morning, taking intensive French classes.

5. Basketball Summer Camp in France

Basketball Summer Camp in FranceIf you’re a skilled basketball player you may prefer to sign up for our basketball summer camp, which is also held in Vichy each year between June and August. Our Vichy campus even boasts both indoor basketball courts and outdoor courts. As well as getting to improve your basketball skills you’ll also get to enjoy numerous on campus facilities such as water sports facilities, TV rooms, cafeterias, TV rooms and climbing walls.

6. Basketball and French Summer Camp

Kids Playing at Basketball and French Summer Camp
This program has the same set up as the tennis and French summer camp and the soccer and French summer camp, with participants completing three hours of French classes each morning.


Each participant, will live in student residences for the duration of their summer camp. Typically students will be housed in a room which has 1-6 beds, with international students being housed in the same residences as French students. Students are placed in rooms with other participants of the same age and gender. Participants are also housed with participants who are in the same sports program. As an example, if you choose to register for our basketball camp, you’ll share a room with some of your friends from your basketball program.

Getting from Paris to Vichy:

There’s no reason to worry about getting from the Charles de Gaulle Airport or the Orly Aiport to your summer camp in Vichy, as you’ll be transported to the Gare de Bercy, a major train station where you’ll take a train to Vichy, with some of your fellow campers. Alternatively, if you’re keen to spend extra time in Paris, you can opt to have you parents drop you off to camp. The choice is yours!

So if you’re looking for an alternative to going to a local summer camp and have always dreamed of visiting France, why not seriously consider signing up for one of the above French summer sports camps. You wont regret it! For more detailed information on the different summer camp options in France feel free to visit – http://www.nacel.org/summer-camps/france